Pick-Up Games

Cost: $5 per player

Times: Usually Wednesday 7 pm – midnight (check calendar for exact dates and/or closures)

Rules: Depending on the amount of players that have come to play, we play 5v5 or 6v6.  Game lengths will be 6 or 7 minute games.  The first team to 2 goals is the winner.  Winner stays on for a maximum of 3 games.  If the two teams tie, then both teams are off.  If there are only a few teams on a certain night, if two teams tie, the team that was on the longest must step off (this rule is determined by management).   On crowded evenings, we will have a waiting list if we have more than 42 players (7 teams of 6).  Then at 10:00 pm the first registered players must relinquish their spots for new players on the waiting list.